Pathogen Patrol


Dr. Earth® Pro-Biotic™ on the Pathogen Patrol

By: Milo Shammas, Founder & Formulator

Fungus can be a gardener’s best friend, or worst enemy. Beneficial mycorrhizal fungi are some of our best friends when it comes to the health and success of our plants and their ability to succeed under general or unfavorable growing conditions. But conversely, harmful pathogenic fungi, such as pythium and rhizoctonia (damping-off), thielaniopsis (black root rot), and several other root rot and wilt organisms such as fusarium and phytophthora, are some of our worst enemies in the garden.

Healthy plants can fall victim to the devastating effects of pathogenic fungi, which are capable of destroying an entire garden in a short period of time. The conventional approach relies on fungicide drenches and soil fumigants. But the natural control of harmful fungus has occurred for millions of years through a process known as ”general suppression.” The disease-suppressive characteristics of Pro-Biotic™ are due to the release of antibiotic compounds such as phenols and penicillin, and to a proliferation of bacterial and fungal micro flora that suppress pathogens through antagonism, competition, predation, and induced resistance.

General suppression is the natural way to control pathogens. If the soil is healthy, it will be full of beneficial bacteria such as Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus cerius, and lactobacillus acidophilus. Pathogenic fungi enjoy damp, wet conditions where they do not have to compete with other organisms. It is rare for pathogens to take over a healthy soil, which consists of a balanced mix of organic components that are home to an abundance of beneficial microbes. The Dr. Earth® Pro-Biotic™ biological package consists of ”7 Champion Strains” of beneficial microbe, plus 8 species of ecto and endo-mycorrhizae. These organisms significantly suppress fungal pathogens in a natural way, without any side effects to endanger plants, people, or pets. This process has occurred for millions of years. It is the natural cycle of controlling pathogens without human interference with harsh chemicals.

Healthy soils that have been properly inoculated with Dr. Earth® Pro-Biotic™ have the ability to fight off disease causing pathogens, which are severely destructive to growing plants. Beneficial microbes fill up the available spaces in the soil so that pathogens cannot become established, multiply, and destroy healthy plants. For example, think of a parking lot at the supermarket; if every parking space has been occupied, there is simply so space to park your car. The same thing happens in the soil; if all of the available space has been occupied by the beneficial microbes, there is no space available for destructive pathogens.

Productive soil increases the chances of plant survival. The idea is to create an environment that is rich with a plethora of beneficial microbes so that fungal diseases do not have a chance to become established and do their damage to plants. Pro-Biotic™ is the natural way to kill and control fungal pathogens, keeping your soil and plants healthy throughout the year, by using the intelligence of nature. The beneficial microbes in Dr. Earth® Pro-Biotic™ are on the “pathogen patrol” every day.

– Milo