A win for the environment & your plants!

Our liquid fertilizer concentrates reach the highest level of sustainability of any fertilizer in the world by utilizing break through science, technology, and enzymes to convert human grade organic food scraps from grocery stores into highly effective premium liquid fertilizers.

It is estimated that grocery stores in the United States discard about 10% of their food inventory every single week, resulting in more than 133 billion pounds of food being discarded annually. Food waste is one of America’s largest environmental challenges, accounting for roughly one-fifth of the solid waste in landfills nationwide. Food that ends up in the landfill creates incredible amounts of methane and other pollution problems which negatively contribute to global climate change. All our liquid fertilizers are made from “Digested food and food byproducts”.

Upcycling large volumes of would-be food waste into premium, organic fertilizer has many benefits, such as lowering greenhouse gas emissions, providing an effective and ecologically sound alternative to petroleum-based fertilization programs, and tremendously reducing the carbon footprint of the grocery-store-to-landfill cycle.

The process begins with an industrial food digester equipped with a motorized grinder to pulverize the food scraps into a nutrient-rich slurry. This slurry is enzymatically digested and stored in an enclosed stainless-steel tank, keeping it thoroughly aerated and agitated. The meats, fruits, vegetables, seafood bones and other organic foods are collected and brought to a main processing facility for further refinement. The finished materials are converted to the most nutrient-rich organic fertilizer in the world — with the highest level of sustainability.

This enzymatic process results in multiple ingredients in the finished fertilizer containing a wide range of inputs, including whole fresh seafood, vegetables, fruits, meats, and other high-value perishables from the supermarket. By utilizing a wide array of high-value ingredients derived from multiple sources, organic liquid fertilizers can provide all essential macro- and micronutrients plants require, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, zinc, boron, copper, and molybdenum.

Field trials and university studies strongly suggest that organic liquid fertilizers made from enzymatically digested food scraps provide uniform benefits across an array of crop types. These benefits include elevated yields, improved crop quality and added market value — resulting in greater returns on investment while healing our ecosystem. Everything you would feed your family, can be used to feed plants, saving the world and make it a better place at the same time. Renewable energy is the final frontier, and it will solve a long overdue problem.

Dr. Earth produces a variety of organic liquid fertilizers that are handcrafted in small batches using patented biologics and mechanics to convert high-quality organic food materials into molecular fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, without the use of any synthetic additives.

Dr. Earth’s liquid fertilizers are approved for organic crop production. The products are reviewed by certifying agencies such as OMRI and the California Department of Food and Agriculture to ensure compliance with National Organic Program guidelines.


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