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Impact of Landfills on Ground Water Quality

There is nothing pretty about landfills except that the garbage is far away from our homes and we don’t have to smell it. Municipal solid waste (MSW) disposal is a global concern, especially in developing countries across the world. Globally, landfills are one of the major threats to groundwater resources. Waste placed in landfills or open dumps is subjected to either groundwater underflow or infiltration from precipitation. This waste gradually releases its initial water through rock pores and some of its decomposition by-products which contain innumerable organic and inorganic compounds called “leachates.” The leachates accumulate at the bottom of the landfill and percolates through the soil contaminating water sources. We at Dr. Earth are sensitive to a growing world population and share a passion for clean water, which we as humans are all entitled to. It is our right to drink and benefit from clean water and have good sanitation. If we do not dispose of anything that could risk contaminating ground water, we have done our jobs, at least for today. Our liquid fertilizers take these risks into consideration very seriously. We reduce moist waste going to landfills by transforming it into certified organic fertilizers to grow tomorrow’s food with the highest level of integrity and sustainability.

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