Gardening Basics

Making A Plan

Before a contractor can build a home, the architect must provide a plan, a blueprint that clearly shows how the house looks and functions. The same is true when creating and designing a garden of any size. You must know how to put it together.
Some questions to consider are:

  • Will you start from seeds or transplants?
  • In-ground or raised beds?
  • Sprinkler system or hand irrigation?
  • Fruits, vegetables, or both?
  • How will the elements of your garden work together?
  • What are the sun requirements for your plants?
  • Where will the same plant go next year?
    (Rotate crops each year to avoid plant diseases.)
  • What plants are you going to grow in summer, winter or fall?
  • What is the best soil mixture for you?
  • When will the transplants go in the ground?
  • How hardy are the plants you want to grow?
  • When should you start them?
  • What is the nutrient value of a desired plant?

Remember, you are growing a nutrition garden. You will have a health food store right in your backyard. Make sure to invest time in a solid plan that brings you that much closer to your dream garden. There are thousands of books on planning your garden. Pick one up and get more ideas. You can never have too much knowledge about your garden and your health.

Gardening Basics is an nine part series outlining how you can get a healthy and beautiful garden the organic and natural way