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It’s not enough to simply nourish our soils and say we are practitioners of the organic method. What we spray on our plants, or around them, inside or outside. We need to be vigilant about our choices on the products we want to keep away from our homes and gardens too. It is common knowledge that a few dangerous weed killers are being sold on the open market, that I feel do not contain the correct precautionary warning statements. If we spray a poison around our home, there is good chance that someone in our family will come into contact with that poison. It happens tens of thousands of times every year all over the world. That’s why the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) was founded.

At Dr. Earth our mission has been clear since day one – keep it simple, pure, organic, and have the best neutral outside non-pro t company come in to vet our work regularly, such as OMRI. I am proud to say we are one of few OMRI listed Weed Killers in the U.S.A. It speaks volumes to our unrelenting promise of top quality and purity without compromising our human or pet safety or to serve our environment.

Our connection to our food is critical. Whether we grow it all, which is almost impossible in modern day America, or if we simply know where it is coming from and the people behind it. This is a concept we can practice every day, slowly, as life happens naturally, with every step and action we take. If we know our food crops are grown with toxic week killers at their base, it’s usually a bad start and a black mark on the farmer. However, a certified farmer would not be allowed to use such non-approved week killers and that’s great for us consumers.

If you buy a food product, know where it is coming from. Ask the butcher at the local supermarket a few questions like where does this chicken come from? What’s the farms name? Is it certi ed organic by a non-pro t agency? Or, the hard questions you have to ask to get full transparency and the truth about what you are about to buy and put inside of your body! Is this chicken from a factory farm? Pumped full of GMO grains, raised in inhumane conditions, or forced to live its full life in 6 to 8 weeks? If the butcher does not know, it means he does not care, and that’s no place to gamble with your health.

Talk to the produce manager and ask him where the produce comes from? What’s the farms name? Are they using OMRI listed fertilizers, soils, insect killers? Do they practice recycling on their farm so their footprint is small? Or is their purpose to be equally pro table as well as sustainable? DO THEY USE TOXIC WEED KILLERS AROUND MY PRODUCE? If he doesn’t know, he doesn’t care. Don’t support his store until he has an answer!

Getting old is hard enough. Getting old and in bad health means you are trapped in your body and that’s no way for anyone to live.

Best of health to you,

Milo Shammas
Founder & Formulator