Keep America Strong

If you made a purchase today, did you ask yourself if you were helping our country, or hurting it? It’s easy to reach for that item with the lowest price—imported from China or sold in a huge chain store—and not think about the consequences. But where’s the “bargain” in undermining local, independent businesses and, in turn, our nation’s economy? The values of our homes have gone down. Our friends and young graduates can’t find a decent job, largely because our factories can’t compete with cheap imported products. Yet we, as consumers, help contribute to our own financial demise.

The family-owned garden center down the street, the corner hardware store that served your grandfather’s needs, the small bakery proudly run by its third generation, are the heart and soul of our hometowns, part of “Main Street, U.S.A.” And they are hurting because of unfair competition.
Numerous studies prove these important points that many consumers don’t realize:
• Money spent at local, independent businesses, stays local.
• Small businesses are greater contributors to their communities in terms of giving to charities and public causes.
• Proportionately, small businesses pay more taxes.
• Local businesses create local jobs and employment stability.
• Spending this way has less impact on the environment.
• No one cares as much about giving personal attention and help to their customers as the small business owner. They have the knowledge of their products and services.
• By buying from independent businesses, you help maintain choice, variety, and more esthetically pleasing aspects to local shopping.
• A sustainable local economy is part of “sustainable living.” ( See Sustainable Connections)
American ingenuity and entrepreneurism built this great country. The owners of these independent businesses live in the communities where they work and put their earnings back into those local economies. They are your neighbors. Their kids go to school with your kids. They care about their customers and know them by name. Let’s care about them, not huge corporations who don’t care about us, and often don’t even seem to care about their own employees.

MY PROMISE, made in 1992, stands firm. Dr. Earth® is only sold in independent garden centers, the kinds of businesses that have always been part of hometown life in this country. We see the bigger picture and hope you will too.


Milo Lou Shammas
Founder & Formulator