Bare Root Planting

Dig an extra-large hole, (usually twice the size of the plant’s root structure). Mix the soil from the hole with an equal amount of Dr. Earth® Planting Mix or Dr. Earth® Potting Soil. Put the new soil mixture into the hole to form a mound at the bottom of the hole until the mound is high enough to allow the base of the plant to sit at ground level.

Sprinkle some Dr. Earth® Organic 2™ Starter Fertilizer on top of the mound, and scratch into the soil. Place the plant in the hole, arranging the roots around the mound. Hold the plant in place and fill the hole around and over the roots to one inch below the ground level. Water well and allow water to drain. Once it has drained, fill the hole to the original soil level with more soil mixture. Water thoroughly once again.