The Magic of Mulching

We, at Dr. Earth®, are great believers in mulching and have practiced it for many years. In our experience, mulching keeps the soil moist and friable—easy to cultivate—and helps to regulate the soil temperature from going to extremes. Mulches also help to keep ground moisture from evaporating and rainwater from splattering mud on your plants and walkways. Mulches also help to suppress weed seeds from germinating, which means less work later, weeding the garden.

We have tested just about every kind of mulching material available to us. We found that while all had some benefit to the garden, some were more beneficial than others. For example, partially decomposed hay would be better than coarse, freshly-baled hay. Or you could use dried grass clippings, leaf mold, or newspaper, cardboard, or even carpet with holes drilled in it. These are all options you have available to you; although some might be unsightly in the garden, they are effective. For attractive, dark brown organic mulch, use our Dr. Earth® Planting Mix. Apply the mulch to your flower or vegetable garden in a layer of three to five inches in depth.

When you use Dr. Earth® Planting Mix as a mulch it does everything straw, newspaper, or even carpet can do, but provides additional benefits those other materials cannot. As the Dr. Earth® Planting Mix breaks down slowly it will contribute to the humus reserve in the soil and help to build friable soil structure. Mulch can greatly benefit the garden, as well as the gardener, by saving him or her a lot of time that would have been spent watering and weeding.