prebiotic inside

By: Milo Shammas, Founder & Formulator

Feeding The Intelligence

What if you could apply the latest scientific knowledge of human nutrition—the newest, most revolutionary concepts— to your garden?

We mean breakthrough technology on a microscopic level. Now you can.

You’ve heard of “probiotics,” and how they benefit human health. Just as these microbes break down food in our digestive tracts—making nutrients available for absorption—they also break down organic matter in soil and make its nutrients available to plants. But what provides food for the living microbes, or “probiotics?”

The answer: Prebiotics

Prebiotics are full-spectrum green super foods for probiotics. The web site of the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics ( offers the following definition:

“A prebiotic is a selectively fermented ingredient that results in specific changes in the composition and/or activity of the gastrointestinal microbiota, thus conferring benefit(s) upon host health. (Gibson et al. 2010. Food Science and Technology Bulletin: Functional Foods 7 (1) 1–19.) Unlike probiotics, a prebiotic targets the microbiota already present within the ecosystem, acting as a ‘food’ for the target microbes with beneficial consequences . . .”

Welcome to PreBiotic®, Milo’s greatest innovation since ProBiotic® & ProMoisture Hydrate®. It works as a food for the probiotics, kicking them into high gear for better performance & maximum results immediately.

Dr. Earth® now offers PreBiotic® in two NEW liquid products: Nitro Big®—a high-nitrogen formula to promote green vegetative growth, and Golden Bloom®—a high phosphorous formula used to promote humongous buds and blooms, both formulas containing ProMoisture Hydrate®. Try them with our soils all of which contain ProBiotic® protected by ProMoisture Hydrate®. Or try it in existing garden soil, or even with our competitors’ products to make them effective. Remember: a prebiotic targets the microbiota already present within the ecosystem.” This means any soil, from potting soils to backyard garden soils!

No one else can offer genuine PreBiotic®, ProBiotic®, or ProMoisture Hydrate®, all exclusive and protected Dr. Earth® brand names and patents, based on nature’s intelligence!

Prebiotic supplement for soils and fertilizers is Dr. Earth patent pending technology serial No. 61/541,275

– Milo