John Letter

Dear Milo.

Very nice hearing from you, and particularly being that you are the author of that book and the CEO of Dr. Earth! Your products are great, and an excellent name for a company as well ! :-). My Father grew up on a farm in Iowa, and he use to say… “be good to Nature, and Nature will be good to you”. Wise words indeed, which influenced me greatly.

I have long been an advocate of organic farming and eating only organic foods, and minimizing ones carbon footprint. I drive an EV for example. I started eating organic maybe thirty years ago when organic foods were called “health” foods :-). It works for me as I am quite healthy. In fact, I have not even taken an aspirin in more than 25 years!

That’s cool that your brother is an Architect. I am one of the fortunate ones that found a profession that I thoroughly enjoy and can being super creative. I also design furniture, products, and create art. My Father was a carpenter, so I inherited my love of building with wood from him.

Fertilizing my plants with your products will now have special meaning to me. Be safe and happy gardening.