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ProMoisture Hydrate®

The Promise of Dr. Earth® Pro-Moisture Hydrate® "Keeping the intelligence alive" By: Milo Shammas, Founder & Formulator A report on a patented scientific advancement in the viability of microbes in packaged soils In 1991, I invented the concept of infusing fertilizers and soils with beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizae, utilizing "Nature's Intelligence©." My Dr. Earth® products with ProBiotic™ revolutionized the lawn and garden industry and changed expectations of customers. Now other companies, with the best of intentions, sell products believed to include living organisms. However, my continuing scientific research has revealed serious discrepancies between laboratory conditions and conditions typically found…

ProBiotic™ Soil Microbes

  Natures Intelligence Pure & Simple The Importance of soil microbes The soil is alive! Below our feet and invisible to the naked eye, tiny microbes—the great digesters of the earth—constantly break down organic material into a more usable forms that plant roots can identify, absorb, and ultimately incorporate for new growth. This material includes complex organic compounds, such as tannins, lignins, proteins, carbohydrate, cellulose, pectin, etc. Healthy soil should contain no less than 10,000,000 bacteria per gram. The presence of microbes ensures that nutrients are made available to plants at a steady rate. While the plants are actively growing—and…


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Click below to download the MSDS sheet for Dr. Earth products. Organic Soils Pot-of-Gold® All Purpose Potting Soil Mother Land® All Purpose Planting Mix Natural Choice Compost Home Grown® Vegetable Planting Mix Natural Wonder® Fruit Tree Planting Mix Acid Lovers® Planting Mix House Plant® Potting Soil Total Advantage® Rose & Flower Mix Root Zone® Seed Starter Potting Mix Home Grown® Potting Soil Organic Fertilizers Spectacular Bulb Food Root Zone Starter Fertilizer Total Advantage Rose & Flower Fertilizer Acid Lovers Fertilizer Home Grown Vegetable Fertilizer Annual Bloom Flower Garden Fertilizer Premium Gold All Purpose Fertilizer Flower Girl Bud & Bloom Booster…

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