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Helps Neutralize Chemicals, Contaminants & Heavy Metals

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CLEAN® Soil Detox is a potent “soil washing” conditioner that uses the power of highly porous Indonesian activated coconut shell charcoal, Utah mined humic acids, mineral-rich Bentonite Clay and TruBiotic® cultures to help adsorb, neutralize and bioremediate contaminants from the soil, providing a safer planting medium for your edible gardens. CLEAN® is designed to neutralize petroleum, herbicides, pesticides, sewage sludge (bio-solids), chicken manure residue and other toxins from the soil. It works through metal and chemical chelation, “binding-up” and “locking-Up” the contaminants by turning them into inert “non-bioavailable” compounds. Washing the soil is critical for plants we want to grow and consume.

Our Clean® soil detoxifier was inspired by our CEO, Milo Shammas, who grew up in a densly populated area in the heart of Los Angeles. Milo witnessed, firsthand, adults at that time changing oil on a Saturday morning. Wherever they needed to throw or dump something, they simply poured it on the backyard soil to get rid of it. There were no rules at that time. No one knew how dangerous the chemicals they threw away really were!

So, year after year, owner after owner, the backyard was the place to dump your motor oil, gasoline, turpentines, car lubricatants, car grease, paint, lacquers, etc.. It was dumped on the soil without any regard! Today, we are asking ourselves where is the clean soil? We want to grow in clean soil. You can either buy pure, untouched land in Montana or help the soil you already own but do not know its history because it is located in an old city which means many people have used the soil for hundreds of years.

That is the inspiration for Dr. earth Clean® Soil Detox. It prepares the soils that have had potentially hundreds of people living on that same plot of land for over 150 years. It aids in cleaning up contaminated soil. It also contains TruBiotic® beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizae to jump start tired soil.

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