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The Essential Gardener’s Guide to Growing, Harvesting and Buying Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

Includes 100 easy to grow plants & their health benefits

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The Best Doctor is the one you never see…

We all want to live a long and healthy life. The garden can be your source of additional nutrition simply by growing vegetables, herbs, and fruits. We might be able to grow a handful of crops at home, but we can buy hundreds of different varieties across or nations. Understanding what and when you should buy from the market is critical in our daily choices and can leave a positive impact on our lives. Read it to learn and keep it as a reference tool. It does both. The information is practical and fits in today’s fast-paced environment.  

About the author:

Milo Lou Shammas, Founder of Dr. Earth Company, invented the first probiotic organic fertilizers and soils in 1990. He is a nationally renowned authority on the importance of soil health and its connection to human health. Author of Healhty Garden, Healthy You and an industry leader in his field of soil nutrition and consumer products, Milo continues to be the garden industry’s voice for the environmental and sustainable movement while working closely with national leaders to promote the critical importance of soil health and its positive impact on the overall health of people, pets, and our planet.

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