Dr. Earth
Organic and Natural
Metabolic Transformer®
Soil Catalyst


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Dr. Earth Metabolic Transformer is formulated to inoculate and stimulate microbes in both native soils and purchased container mixes. It assists in performing a variety of tasks such as desirable soil structure and overall desirable soil conditions. Improved biological and biochemical characteristics in the soil assist in improving overall plant growth.

  • Natural and organic catalyst for all soil types.
  • Makes 44 gallons of ready to use product.
  • This product is made in United States.
  • Metabolic transformer includes patent pending technology that is formulated to create the perfect environment for rhizosphere Aloe Vera infused with Probiotics.
  • It adds beneficial soil microbes to your growing environment.
  • Provides a perfect food source to ensure the fast, yet sustained, breakdown of either “existing” or “applied” organic nutrients.
  • Also accelerates the release and utilization of organic nutrients.
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