Premium Compost Starter

100% Organic & Natural Hand Crafted Blend

NO GMOs – Chicken Manure – Sewage Sludge (“Biosolids”) to taint the cleanliness or safety of our handcrafted blend


Trubiotic®— the Life and intelligence inside!

Available sizes:



Dr. Earth Compost Starter produces remarkable results because it significantly speeds up the decomposition of raw organic materials to create true organic humus. TruBiotic® ensures organic nutrients are thoroughly broken down then released in the compost pile for preparation of soil applications.

Infused with TruBiotic® – consisting of “Five Champion Strains” of beneficial soil microbes to ensure that all materials are digested to the fullest.

Rich in:

Valley Grown Alfalfa Meal, MicroActive™ nutrient-rich Seaweed Extract.

Ideal for:

All types of composting strategies: piles, bins, barrels and every other method employed.

Compost Tea: Makes compost tea – use as soil drench or foliar spray.

NOTE: Compost happens if you allow it to, but our compost starter makes it happen a lot faster!

Target pH 6.5

Our products are 100% Natural & Organic

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