Dr. Earth
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Raised Bed
Potting Mix


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  • Dr. Earth® Organic and Natural Raised Bed Potting Mix is specially designed for use in vegetable and ornamental raised beds. It can be used as a soil amendment for in-ground planting of shrubs, bare root planting, flowers and vegetables, mulching and seed cover.
  • Odor free formula
  • No synthetic chemicals, chicken manure or toxic ingredients.
  • Handcrafted from feed grade ingredients. Enriched with organic nutrients found naturally in land plants, ocean plants, fish, fish bones and mined minerals from the earth. This nutritionally balanced formula promotes very rich and healthy soil  equipped to grow the healthiest plants. Healthy soils are capable of growing the healthiest fruits, vegetables, trees and flowering plants in your home and garden.
  • Organic Transparency; OIM (Organic Input Materials), CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers).
  • Sustainably made in the U.S.A. through a collaboration of high level enviornmentalists inspired to positively change the world. Formulated by Milo Shammas, founder of Dr. Earth, to grow Home Grown Foods.
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