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Sweet & Sour® fertilizer is formulated to feed all fruit trees, berries, and fruiting vines in containers or any backyard soils. It can be used during the initial transplanting after digging the hole or anytime of the year to feed actively growing fruit trees and vines.

  • No synthetic ingredients or GMO infested chicken manure.
  • Contains TruBiotic® beneficial soil microbes plus mycorrhizae. TruBiotic® ensures organic nutrients are thoroughly broken down and then released in the soil for plant roots to absorb them as they are needed, contributing to drought tolerance, enhanced nutrient availability and increased plant performance.
  • Handcrafted from feed grade ingredients. Enriched with organic nutrients found naturally in land plants, ocean plants, fish, fish bones and mined minerals from the earth. This nutritionally balanced formula promotes very rich and healthy soil equipped to grow the healthiest plants. Healthy soils are capable of growing the healthiest fruits, vegetables, trees and flowering plants in your home and garden.
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