3 Step Fall Lawn Care

3 Step Fall Lawn Care

Lawn fall fertilizing the most important feeding for the cold season, but it’s also essential for a great spring lawn as well. Fertilizing in the fall gives your grass a head start for next spring by causing an earlier spring greening. Your lawn will have an easier time greening up because fall fertilizing prepares the grass by having a consistent flow of nitrogen that’s slowly released throughout the winter.
When a lawn isn’t fertilized in the fall, it can have a difficult spring due to excessive shoot growth. This is caused when the lawn goes from being deprived of nitrogen to having an extreme amount. Using fall fertilizer prepares your lawn to be more manageable and encouraging deep and healthy roots that resist drought, pests, and weeds. And fertilizing your fall lawn is easy when you follow our simple steps!

3 Simple Steps
1. Early autumn to late fall is the perfect time to fertilize, always follow recommendations not only for your area but for the type of grass you have.

2. Mow your grass at the recommended height before fertilizing, And use a mulching blade on your mower.

3. Be sure the grass blades are dry before applying fertilizer.

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