Our Certifications

Our Certifications


Our Commitment to our Customers.

cdfa_lgCDFA OIM Advanced Organic: This is a very prestigious and rigorous certification to achieve. It serves the organic farming community perfectly to further ensure the foods in our supermarkets are “organic” as promised. We have worked very hard with Dr. Dale Woods and his committed staff to meet their needs to earn our OIM advanced organic standings.

omri_lgOMRI Advanced Organic: A gold standard for organic products since 1997. OMRI serves both product manufacturers as well as the organic farming community and we are proud to develop a synergetic working relationship with CEO Peggy Miars and her talented and devoted staff.

SFTA_Member_LogoA big vision for sustainability: We harvest the nutrients from today’s food scraps to create organic fertilizers and soils that will grow tomorrow’s food. By collecting human-grade ingredients from supermarkets and farms, we upcycle would-be food grade waste into premium fertilizers and soils. Nothing is wasted and would-be waste is upcycled. We are loyal stewards to our planet and as a proud sponsor of the Sustainable Food Trade Association, our mission is to operate a sustainable business model to help preserve it.

SFTA_Member_LogoServing a higher purpose: We at Dr. Earth are sensitive to a growing world population and share a passion for clean water.  By working with OceanBound® are are removing 10 million pounds of plastic at-risk of polluting our oceans over the next 2 years. We compensate third world workers dedicated to cleaning up their own environment which impacts our earth in a positive way.

Member of the APPA: The leading not-for-profit trade association serving the interests of pet product manufacturers and importers. Their mission is to promote, develop and advance pet ownership and the pet product industry and to provide the services necessary to help its members prosper.APPA also supports the industry through events & initiatives.
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