Dr. Earth RAW

Dr. Earth RAW


How are raw superfoods and non-transformed ingredients superior?

It is widely known that heating ingredients to high temperatures modifies their molecular composition. Moreover, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids are either destroyed or altered by cooking to stabilize them. The oils, fats, proteins, and other exotic superfoods are adultered in industrial manufacturing as they are cooked at very high temperatures. This process makes the good lipids rancid and lack the purity and strength of pure raw ingredients.

Raw ingredients allow for a better assimilation in the ProBiotics digestive system.

Moreover, when we look at both animal and vegetable ingredients, it is interesting to note that both raw ingredient classes contain their own enzymes allowing them to be easily assimilated in the digestive system of the living soil (microbes & mycorrhizae). The enzymes in raw food contribute to the digestion in a proportion going from 5% to 75% depending on how active the microbes or mycorrhizae might be and what season the measurement was taken. Therefore, the efficiency of applied organic fertilizers are far greater with raw superfoods. Raw superfoods are superior to altered ingredients because they still have their nutritive elements, they have their own enzymes and their chemical and molecular composition is 100% natural.

Dr. Earth has had an unprecedented commitment to quality, purity and freshness since 1990!

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