How To Make Fertilizer Tea

Organic Fertilizer Tea
For a rich tea made from Dr. Earth’s Organic Fertilizer, mix 2 pounds, or 5 cups of fertilizer for every 5 gallons of water. Let the mixture set for 24 hours. Strain well and mulch all the solids around the root zone.

To Use
The liquid portion (tea) can be applied @ 1 to 2 cups for roses, or 2 to 4 cups for larger shrubs. Use the tea full strength as a foliar feed and as a soil drench for deep root feeding of all plants.

Soil Drench
Apply tea directly to the soil. Note: Expect to see solid material at the bottom of the bucket. Do not throw this solid material away. Spread these solids as nutrient-rich mulch around any plant in the garden.

That’s it! Tea is fun in the sun! Sit back and watch your plants grow.

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