How To Prepare A Seed Bed

Seeds need plenty of air in the soil if they are to germinate successfully. Soil in which seeds are to be sown directly has to be much finer in texture than normal garden soil. All stones, bits of twigs and clods of soil should be broken down and then raked over the soil. Leave the seedbed for a month before sowing. Then rake again. Water well before and after sowing, using the shower setting on your hose. All of these steps will help to ensure a good start.

Starting From Seed
Start with good quality seeds you can trust. Otherwise, the work and effort you have invested in preparing your garden will be wasted until the next season. Always follow the manufacturers' recommendations for planting depth, moisture, and the time of year you should begin. Seeds vary and require different sets of standards in order to germinate properly. In general, if the bed is prepared properly, kept moist and weed free, you will have a successful garden from scratch.

Prior to sowing your seeds, you should mix ample amounts of organic matter into your soil, along with Dr. Earth organic fertilizer. Work both the fertilizer and organic matter into the soil, rake it smooth, water it thoroughly and let it sit for 30 days prior to sowing. After the seeds have sprouted, and have their first set of true leaves, it is always beneficial to give them a light foliar feeding to give them an extra boost toward becoming established. Use a liquid fertilizer that contains seaweed extract. Do not use a chemical, water soluble fertilizer as it has the potential to burn young plants easily.

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