People & Pet Safe Products

Dr. Earth stands by the statement: “People and Pet Safe—When Used As Directed”. However, Dr. Earth fertilizers, soils, pest controls and weed killers are not meant to be ingested or sprayed on either people or pets. The ingredients are people and pet safe when used as directed, but they are not meant to be consumed.


  • Store Dr. Earth products out of the reach of pets and children.
  • If you want to fertilize your garden, it is best to put kids and pets in a different area until you have completed your task.
  • Some pets may be attracted to the ingredients in Dr. Earth’s products, like fish bone meal. Other ingredients, such as mined minerals like potassium sulphate and humic acid, can upset a pet’s digestive system if consumed in sufficient quantity.
  • After you apply a fertilizer, it is best to till it into the soil and water it well immediately. This helps it become part of the soil and not appealing for your dog or cat to consume. This is the best practice to prevent a pet or child from consuming any fertilizer.
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