Planting in Containers


Choosing a Container
It is important to choose a container that is big enough to accommodate the plant’s future growth. Next, check that the container has sufficient drain holes. Good drainage is very important!

Fill the container with Dr. Earth® Potting Soil until it is filled to a level that allows the base of the plant to sit one inch below the top of the container. Add Dr. Earth® Organic 2™ Starter Fertilizer according to the package directions. Holding the plant in the desired position, continue to fill in around the roots with potting soil and fertilizer mixture until the container is filled to one inch below the top of the container. Water thoroughly.

Existing Containers
Remove the top one third, and all loose soil from the existing container. Use your fingers, or a garden hose with low pressure to remove the soil. Replace it with fresh Dr. Earth® Potting Soil and provide it with a feeding with Dr. Earth® Liquid Solution™ to stimulate fast growth and stress recovery.

Your plants will love it!

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