Sustainably Made Liquid Fertilizers

We strive to make the very best products from the best ingredients on earth. We understand that all organics are not created equal, so we don’t make “value” products because they come with a price tag. If it is not sustainable or is harmful to our environment, we don’t use it. We’re upcycling food waste into premium, organic liquid fertilizer resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions and tremendously reducing the carbon footprint of the grocery-store-to-landfill cycle.

The process begins with the collection of food waste from the supermarket which is then fed into an industrial food digester that pulverizes the food scraps into a nutrient-rich slurry. It is then converted into the most nutrient-rich organic fertilizer in the world that feeds the plants that grow tomorrow’s food. To learn more about this process, be sure to check out our video detailing the process here. In doing this, we are reducing waste going to landfills. Nothing is wasted and “would-be” waste is upcycled into the nutrients that grows more food.

Our liquid fertilizers are OMRI certified organic. OMRI's mission is to support the growth and trust of the global organic community through expert, independent and transparent verification of input materials. Our products are free of any synthetic ingredients, GMO infested chicken manure and sewage sludge, giving you peace of mind that what you are putting on your plants is safe for you, your family and your pets. Our liquid line is considered safe for use around people and pets when used as directed, which makes sense when you consider that our liquids are formulated from human-grade food.

We pay attention not only to what’s on the inside of the bottle, but also to what’s on the outside. All our liquid fertilizers are bottled in recycled plastic in partnership with OceanBound® Plastics. By working with OceanBound, we’re helping to remove approximately 10 million pounds of plastic at-risk of polluting our oceans each year. Every pound is reclaimed and repurposed material that might have otherwise ended up in our oceans.

We help to compensate third world workers who collect their own plastic waste before it pollutes the ocean. In doing so, the water table is purified, providing clean drinking water in underprivileged countries.

We're proud of our liquid fertilizers and are sure you will be happy with the results of our efforts to provide you a premium organic product that’s good for our planet and good for your garden.

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