Sustainably Made Soil & Fertilizer

It is estimated that grocery stores in the United States discard about 10% of their food inventory every single week, resulting in more than 133 billion pounds of food being discarded annually. Food waste is one of America’s largest environmental challenges, accounting for roughly one-fifth of the solid waste in landfills nationwide.

But there is a way to take that food waste and convert it into renewable energy for plants in the form of carbon-rich fertilizer. At Dr. Earth, we’re upcycling food waste into premium organic soil and fertilizer, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions and tremendously reducing the carbon footprint of the grocery-store-to-landfill cycle.

The process begins with the collection of food waste from the supermarket which is then fed into an industrial food digester that pulverizes the food scraps into a nutrient-rich slurry. We take this slurry and convert it into nutrient-rich organic soil and fertilizer that is used to feed the plants that grow tomorrows food. A truly sustainable answer to a global problem.


This process not only results in a highly diversified, nutrient dense plant food, but field trials indicate elevated yields, improved crop quality and greater returns while simultaneously healing our ecosystem. In nature, the soil absorbs nutrients from its surrounding environment and breaks them down naturally over time. We simply accelerate this slow process by upcycling food waste that would otherwise pollute our landfills to create premium plant nutrients.

The products are reviewed by organic certifying agencies such as OMRI and the California Department of Food & Agriculture to ensure compliance with Organic Program guidelines.

The dream of a zero-waste, modern society is finally taking shape, and real-world problems are being solved with bold, innovative solutions. At Dr. Earth we serve a higher purpose – preserving our planet for a better tomorrow.

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