The Dangers Of Chicken Manure

From the dark ages of organic gardening and up to this very day, chicken manure has been a mainstay nutrient source for plants. A quick-acting source of nitrogen, it provides fast results but dissipates quickly – requiring frequent applications to support optimal plant growth.

Valued by manufacturers of fertilizers and soils because of its low cost and easy availability, it is the main nutrient source in most organic fertilizers on the market today.

Because of the prevalence of chicken manure in organic fertilizers and soils - coupled with the common perception of the very definition of the word “organic” - many gardeners have long believed that chicken manure-based products are clean, safe and healthy.

Many people assume that the word “organic” on a bag of fertilizer or soil means that any manure contained in those products has been harvested from poultry raised in a completely clean, healthy environment; picturing flocks of free-range birds never subjected to any drugs or potentially hazardous compounds. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

The practice of treating factory-raised chickens (a source of chicken manure used in organic fertilizers and soils) with antibiotics, steroids and hormones calls into question the safety of using these products in the home garden. The recent outbreaks of chicken-borne diseases – sickening thousands of people - in the food industry only adds to those concerns.

Increased media attention regarding the way chickens are raised, along with serious health concerns related to the transmission of chicken-borne diseases such as salmonella and E. coli, have triggered significant concerns among well informed organic gardeners about their gardening practices and the products they use in their gardens. As public awareness grows, more and more people are reading product labels – a practice that we, here at Dr. Earth, wholeheartedly support.

Gardening products containing fish bone meal – a far superior and much longer-lasting source of nutrition – are vulnerable to none of these health concerns. Using wild-caught ocean fish from cold waters (versus farmed fish or warm-water fish) as a source of fish bone meal, further alleviates any worries about bacteria or pathogens being present in the products.

The fact that fish bone meal-based fertilizers last three to four times longer than their chicken manure-based counterparts provides another compelling reason to use them. Another benefit is the calcium – vital to aid in plant cell development and nutrient uptake - that fish bone meal delivers.

Providing gardening products – soils, fertilizers and controls – of the highest-quality, consisting of 100% organic and natural ingredients has long been a passion of Dr. Earth. Using the wisdom of Mother Nature as our guide, our products are specially handcrafted to exceed the expectations of the organic gardening community.

We care about the health of people, their pets and the planet as a whole, and we know that you do, too. Be safe, be smart and garden responsibly with Dr. Earth. Handcrafted by Nature!

By: Melody Funk

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