The Power Of Essential Oils

As organic gardeners you will have insects like any other gardener. What you do to manage them is what really matters for your health and the health of your garden.

In many instances prevention will not be enough to remedy a pest problem. In these cases, you will face the choice of losing your plants or using insect sprays. You can either do it organically or synthetically because both will work effectively. Below are a few basic things to consider about the organic method.

Organic pesticides have 3 basic characteristics and are simple by design:

  • They are derived from natural substances that are primarily “carbon” based and found in nature. They are not man-made Petro-chemical synthetic ingredients.
  • They are not toxic to humans, animals, soil or the environment.  
  • They break-down quickly in nature to harmless substances through oxidation or microbial decomposition.

Formulated with essential oils and garlic extract designed to knockdown and kill insects quickly. The results can be seen anywhere from immediately to over a period of several minutes depending on the exoskeleton thickness of the insect. For example, flea’s and cockroaches are much harder to kill than soft bodied insects such as aphids or mosquitos. Our formulas are strong and effective because of our formulation and manufacturing process. Our formulas are uniquely strong because we micronize them. Our ability to create fine microscopic compounds of these plant extracts allows us to craft the very best formulas that stick to plant foliage and work for weeks.

THE SCIENCE: Octopamine is a chemical neurotransmitter.

Octopamine controls body movement and metabolism in insects and mites. The ingredients in Dr. Earth interfere with the transmission of octopamine signals throughout an insect’s body. Octopamine is sent as a neurotransmitter signal to a neuroreceptor in the insect’s body which becomes corrupted. For example, the brains neurotransmitters are signals to an insect’s body part to conduct basic functions, such as moving, flying or eating. After the oils penetrate the insect, they begin to send false neurotransmitter signals to the stomach, hind feet, wings, etc. Generally shutting down the insect’s entire nervous system and ultimately, it’s death. This is the result “only” if an insect is sprayed directly, and only directly! This is where we can control if we choose to kill or to control. The time of day we spray a plant or garden can avoid spraying good insects such as bees when they are active.

The interference of these signals leads to metabolic toxicity, immobilization and ultimately death.

We prefer to control them with our combination of pungent Garlic extract and five different essential oils. We fool them first with different smells and encourage them to fly away. This is the safest and least destructive strategy.

Garlic extract has been proven to repel insects for several weeks or even longer. Our unique formulas of garlic oil blended with 5 different essential oils work in synergy to repel insects first! We prefer to repel first. This strategy keeps “most” insects away from your garden to prevent any future problems. It’s a broad-spectrum strategy to keep the garden insect free as a whole. We also include several inert oils and gums that will naturally stick to plant foliage. This” gummy” carrier causes the insecticide to adhere to plant foliage for a long period of time, creating effective and long-lasting control. The complex blends of our essential oil blends, garlic extract, and specialized inert ingredients work synergistically, killing insects and fungus within minutes.

Dr. Earth’s advanced and complex formulas work to kill insects on the spot, but more importantly they control them, by fooling them. If an insect thinks it has landed on the wrong plant that it cannot eat such as a garlic or rosemary plant, it will fly away because it is not its “host plant.” Our insect killers prevent insects from landing on your plants in the first place because they do not smell like a plant they can eat and consume. Insects cannot recognize the smell of the treated plants because it smells like garlics powerful and disorienting smells and do not attack them. We want them to keep crawling or flying. That is the best control.

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