Why Dr Earth Makes the Best Organic Gardening Products

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ interviews Dr. Earth aka Milo Shammas about the Dr. Earths Organic Gardening products that are now NON-GMO verified.

In this episode, John will ask Milo many questions about the Dr. Earth Gardening products including: How it was started, the original recipe of the fertilizers, why some ingredients were removed from some products, how they are preventing plastic from ending up in the ocean, how they make a liquid fertilizer from human food grade ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, and much, much more.

You will discover many interesting facts about Milo Shammas as well as Dr. Earth Products that you may not have known before.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:

02:51 Why did you start the Dr. Earths Company?
09:15 First one to introduce probiotics into fertilizers
14:18 What was in your original formula?
18:10 Why Milo Doesn’t Like Manure
20:47 Bury Your Fish For fertilizer
22:25 How I use Dr. Earth Plastic Bags
23:00 How Dr. Earth helps plastic from ending up in the ocean
24:45 How much does it cost to do the right thing?
26:45 Why is your potting soil Better than other bagged potting soils?
29:45 Why do you hate chicken manure?
31:00 First Certified Non-GMO Product Verified
32:55 What are your soils made out of?
36:35 Why are the probiotics important in your bagged soils?
39:35 Why did you remove the worm castings from your soil products?
42:20 Are your soil products manure free?
43:30 How do you source your bat guano from the USA?
44:30 Why did you get rid of soft rock phosphate?
44:50 Why did you remove the cottonseed meal?
46:00 What is your liquid fertilizer made from?
52:20 Why its important to microdose nutrients your vegetables
53:30 Cheapest place to get Dr. Earths Liquid Fertilizers
54:55 Should someone use your dry fertilizer or liquid fertilizer?
56:00 How much liquid fertilizer should you apply?
57:32 What are your most important 3 gardening tips?
59:40 Any final words of wisdom for my viewers
59:53 How can Dr. Earth answer your gardening questions?
1:00:49 Where can people find your garden products?
1:02:50 Support me and purchase a GYG Tee Shirt

After watching this episode you will know why Dr. Earth makes some of the best organic gardening products with the most integrity and offers the best performance in the gardening industry.

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