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A win for the environment & your plants!

Our liquid fertilizer concentrates reach the highest level of sustainability of any fertilizer in the world by utilizing break through science, technology, and enzymes to convert human grade organic food scraps from grocery stores into highly effective premium liquid fertilizers. It is estimated that grocery stores in the United States discard about 10% of their food inventory every single week, resulting in more than 133 billion pounds of food being discarded annually. Food waste is one of America’s largest environmental challenges, accounting for roughly one-fifth of the solid waste in landfills nationwide. Food that ends up in the landfill creates incredible amounts of methane and other pollution problems which negatively contribute to global climate […]

What Sets Our Dry Fertilizer Apart?

  Not All Fertilizers Are Created Equal There are a lot of organic fertilizers on the market, so how do you choose? Take a closer look at the ingredients. Many fertilizers labeled “organic” use cheap chicken manure fillers that may contain GMO’s and pathogens. Dr. Earth dry fertilizers use only the finest ingredients derived from nutrient rich fish found naturally in land plants, ocean plants, fish, fish bones and mined minerals from the earth. This nutritionally balanced formula promotes very rich and healthy soil equipped to grow the healthiest plants. Healthy soils can grow the healthiest fruits, vegetables, trees and […]

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What Sets Our Soil Apart From The Competition?

Dr. Earth® premium grade soils are sustainably made from clean and natural ingredients. They are certified organic, do not contain cheap fillers found in many other soils, and contain no GMO’s. Our soils provide long lasting benefits by improving soil texture and drainage properties. They promote strong, healthy growth and help break up compacted clay soil. One of the most important benefits you’ll find with Dr. Earth® soil is that it holds up to temperature extremes and other adverse environmental factors. Think of the amount of time a bag of soil sits in the heat, sealed in plastic, before it […]
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Transforming The Vision To Reality

Transforming The Vision To Reality I was once asked during a presentation I was giving in 2014, what I was personally doing to make a positive change for our environment. Not my company, Dr. Earth, but me personally. I was caught off guard for the first time in my career because I thought I was the agent of change through my company’s success. I was changing people’s minds about organics and convincing them to choose organics over chemicals. So, I replied: “Melissa, I am changing hearts and minds through my company, and we are winning”! That was good enough for […]

Dr. Earth Pelletized Garden Lime

Description: Dr, Earth Pelletized Garden Lime helps to raise the pH in soils to aid plants in maximizing nutrient intake. Great source of calcium and magnesium which are important nutrients for plant growth and health. Ideal for for vegetable and flower gardens and is effective in helping to turn hydrangeas pink. The pelletized form makes it easy to handle and easier to break down in the soil. Covers 100 square feet. The best retailers across America sell Dr. Earth Find a […]

Dr. Earth Pelletized Soil Acidifier

Description: Dr. Earth Pelletized Soil Acidifier helps to lower the pH in soils with excessive alkaline levels. It is a great source of sulfur which promotes dark green growth and is ideal for all acid loving plants, lawns, evergreens, trees and vegetables. It is effective in helping to turn hydrangeas blue. The pelletized form makes it easy to handle and easier to break down in the soil. Covers 100 square feet. The best retailers across America sell Dr. Earth Find a […]

Human Health Starts In The Soil

What is vital for life? Your health. The future of your health is imminent. To live a long life full of joy and vitality, your lifestyle choices today determine the state of your health tomorrow. This is true, whether we think about those choices or let ignorance and apathy make them for us.  The great news is you control your own destiny, because you control every decision in your life. Healthy eating and living are personal life choices. In your own backyard you can find the potential to create a future of good health for yourself, your family and the […]