The Future Of Organic Has Arrived


The story goes like this

fme1Full of good intentions and visions of a beautiful yard and garden, we all share that same “start-of-the season” enthusiasm and conviction, just like those people who buy gym memberships in January, promising themselves they will lose weight and get in shape. In either case, success comes only to those who create a workable plan and stick to it. That can sometimes feel like the hardest thing in the world! Who wants to think about being so organized? We just want the instant gratification of transplanting a few small plants with color and some vegetables in our back yard.”

Most of us already have many lovely, well-established trees, shrubs, and perennials, but we can’t resist the urge to buy more flowers and vegetables, planning to grow everything in a natural, organic way. We go home with a car full of plants, plus a selection of the appropriate dry fertilizers to work into the soil while we transplant. Enjoying the warmth of the spring sun, we roll up our shirt sleeves and get busy digging.

Organic gardeners understand that plant health, like our own health, begins with soil health, nature in perfect balance. That means the soil is alive with beneficial micro-organisms that break down organic matter and make it available to plants’ roots to absorb. Dr. Earth® soils and fertilizers come infused with such microbes, as well as prebiotic sugars and raw super foods to feed those tiny organisms that are so essential to the soil/plant/human triangle. The addition of aloe vera concentrate, keeps them moist and alive in the soil.

Most organic gardeners have read and heard enough about Dr. Earth® products to realize our formulas are based on advanced soil science, so they are confident. They don’t mind all that spading or digging with a hand trowel, because it’s a labor of love—at least in the beginning, while their enthusiasm remains. By the end of the weekend, their place looks great, and they feel pride and excitement. By May, everything still looks pretty good.

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