The Future Of Organic Has Arrived


Organic gardeners have lives too

Organic gardeners lead busy lives, like everyone else these days. For some reason, the idea that we’re all at home working in the garden all day seems to persist. Consequently, organic gardeners don’t always get the latest advancements or attention in the marketplace. What was good 100 years ago doesn’t necessarily work in today’s fast paced world. We don’t all live on a farm. Many of us have a daily commute to a job and work 40 to 70 hours a week. When we do have a little time, our garden is not necessarily on the top of our list. But we still want to do the right thing. Organic gardeners, just like all busy people, deserve a wide selection of organic products that are easy to use and highly effective.

Synthetic fertilizer products using hose–end sprayers have existed for decades and have been very successful because of their convenience. Organic gardeners now enjoy that same convenience in a complete selection of organic products, designed to meet the nutrient requirements of every plant we grow. If every organic gardener knew that feeding their garden organically could be as fun and easy as connecting one of our bottles to a hose every couple of weeks, they would fertilize more often, resulting in the kind of garden they envisioned back in early spring.

It took research, ingenuity and inspiration to produce our liquid concentrates

Like their dry counterparts, Dr.Earth liquid fertilizers contain the most advanced gardening technologies available today:

Raw Full-spectrum super foods for microbes and mycorrhizae

Prebiotic® (soluble sugars) and other micronized exotic super foods—full of life-giving energy—stimulate the living soil microbes to digest and breakdown the maximum amount of organic matter in the soil. This action releases essential plant nutrients in a directly available soluble form, which actively growing roots can absorb to produce incredible growth. The more energy the living soil has available, the more rapidly the microorganisms will multiply. This means even more life in the soil, which directly influences the soil’s ability to stimulate vigorous and healthy plant growth.

ProMoisture Hydrate® Aloe vera concentrate infused directly into the fertilizer This cutting edge technology—the science of keeping soil organisms alive—is available only in Dr. Earth® fertilizers and soils. Our food grade aloe vera coats and protects the living microbes and mycorrhizae in the soil. It also coats plant foliage when sprayed directly on the leaves with a hose end sprayer bottle. It provides this protection by coating them with a “slimy layer” that allows both the microbes and plant foliage to stay hydrated and protected against temperature extremes. It soothes the outermost layer of microbes and mycorrhizae as well as plant foliage, very much like it protects and moisturizes human skin from harsh environmental conditions.