The Future Of Organic Has Arrived


Everything counts in large amounts

Dr. Earth only uses premium whole foods to craft prebiotic fertilizer formulas because they deliver nutrients the way nature intended, giving the full benefit of fresh whole food concentrates. Just as this principle applies to human health, it also applies to providing the best support for microbial and mycorrhizal life in every type of soil. Raw foods are always the best source, because they have not been adulterated by any human synthetic processes. We pay attention to every detail because perfection is critical to success.

Why both types of fertilizers are needed

You will still want to use Dr. Earth dry organic fertilizers at the time of each planting or at the beginning of each season. These dry fertilizers were scientifically formulated to feed for about six weeks. They should be scratched in into the soil. They work best when used during transplanting, because they can be applied directly under a plant’s root system. For the record, this is the best time and place to apply a dry fertilizer with TruBiotic inside.

Our liquid fertilizers should never replace our dry fertilizers. They were created to make it easy to feed organically more often, because they are super easy to use. They were designed to apply after plants have been growing for several weeks and need their second, third, fourth or final feeding for the growing season. The result will be the kind of lush, productive, and beautiful gardens you imagine each spring.

It’s really easy but remember the basics

Get new plantings off to a good start by making the best soil environment you can create, but then don’t forget about them. They need your continued care. Give extra consideration to plants grown in containers. Unlike those grown in the open ground, their ability to send out roots to seek water and nourishment is limited to the confines of their pot or planter. They depend on your attentiveness to their needs. The fruits and vegetables you grow to feed yourself must themselves be fed if they are to be healthy and nutritious by harvest time. Even the plants you grow just for their beauty—the flowers, trees, shrubs, and lush green lawns—cannot do well without your care.

You became a gardener because you love to grow plants. The organic lifestyle brings you closer to the purity of nature.