The Future Of Organic Has Arrived


Just 2 things

  • Make a simple list of the types of plants in your garden—vegetables, annuals, perennials,
    shrubs, trees, container plants, lawns etc. We hand craft a liquid fertilizer, custom
    formulated for every type of plant you grow. It takes about 10 minutes to apply our hose
    end bottle to 1200. sq. feet.
  • Look at your calendar and jot down reminders of when you need to fertilize. Remember,
    you won’t need a big block of time because it’s so quick and easy. There’s nothing to mix
    or measure. All you have to do is connect it to the end of your garden hose.

In the end, we all win

Feed your soul as you feed your plants. This is why a gardener is born every minute. When fertilizing is this easy, you’ll actually look forward to it. Wandering through the garden with a hose gives you a chance to observe the changes while you hear the refreshing sound of the water, knowing that you are nourishing and nurturing your plants at the same time. Now that organic gardeners have discovered  liquid organic fertilizers with the convenience of a hose-end sprayer, the next spring that comes along really will symbolize a new beginning, not just the beginning of a season, but a whole new world of gardening enjoyment and rewards.