It starts with a great team
We have assembled a team of brilliant people who love what they do. It takes passion, dedication, and an understanding of the value of teamwork to accomplish great things. We nurture a high quality and talented team that shares a mutual vision of perfection.

Perfecting Dr Earth®
The pulse of our company comes from our position at the very heart of innovation.
Innovations become our guiding lights. We value them and what they stand for over what they cost us to develop. When you love a company, you follow it into new places to fuel progressive growth and positive change that benefits everyone. Innovation is the engine of Dr. Earth®, and we ensure that it is always viable throughout our enterprise. We understand and value the high-energy organic movement. Our hard work and vision have contributed to its incredible growth. As we make great investments in our future and the future of organics, we welcome progressive thinkers to join us.


There’s a reason Dr. Earth® feels like Dr. Earth®
Sure, it has to do with quality ingredients and true organic fertilizers and soils, but what brings people back time and time again goes well beyond our fertilizers and soils. It goes way beyond our products to a total gardening experience that can only be delivered by Dr. Earth®. It’s about honor, integrity, innovation, knowledge, wisdom and a love affair with the organic lifestyle. That includes simply having a great gardening day. These have been our guiding lights throughout the years, and they are what makes Dr. Earth® feel like Dr. Earth®.

Growing a garden nurtured by Dr. Earth® is life changing

– Milo