Creative Outdoor Space Ideas

There is a corner in just about every part of our yard that could be used very creatively. We have the four corners that define our property line, but we probably have at least 25 corners when you include all the nooks around the house, garage, and all other structures on our property. This does not even take into consideration all of the green areas such as trees and shrubs that can be used as a focal points to help us create and design our outdoor landscape.

Let’s consider the 25 corners as 25 creative opportunities to design something totally different from our neighbors’ places. If we also consider every other part of our yard, we might have 50-100 opportunities to be creative. One thing I have learned over the years is that most people are afraid to be creative in different parts of their yard. They somehow feel that the entire outdoors needs to be landscaped with similar plants and must have a similar look. Rule number one for me is to do it differently. It must be different! This will give every part of our yard a different feel and make the yard feel much larger because different areas are not identical.

It is easy to create outdoor living spaces if we do not overwhelm ourselves with a project that is bigger than our capabilities. Start with an area that is small and manageable. This makes it easy to get your feet wet. The most exciting time for me is the planning stage. I love to plan a dreamy area of my yard and put it on paper. I can change it 10 times if I have to. If you are not very good drawing it out, visit your local independent nursery. Most have a great team that is very talented and will help you put it together on the spot.

Keep in mind that “being creative” means “creating.” Do not be afraid to mix plants with garden art and even existing gardens that you might have put together last year. Focus on a small area to begin and your project will go very smoothly. Independent nurseries have trees and shrubs, garden art, and everything needed to help you be creative in your yard. This is so much fun and can be accomplished without any stress, just fun and enjoyment.

Patricia Williams
Sweet Peas Garden

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